Wendy's owners dispute allegations of rape

It started with allegations of rape of one teen, that allegedly happened at the former Wendy TMs restaurant on Boca Chica Boulevard in Brownsville, at the hands of former manager Carlos Castillo.

Recently, Attorney Robert Collins, who represents that alleged victim, made more allegations, stating that at least two more girls have come forth with similar claims.

According to Collins Exelco-South Wen., Inc., the franchise that owns the Wendy TMs location in Brownsville, has done little about the claims.

However, Attorney Mike Holland, who represents the franchise, said otherwise.

"When these allegations came about, we immediately investigated them and immediately terminated Mr. Castillo," Holland said.

The franchise has been cooperating with the police investigation, Holland said, and handing over any information they request.

"We are providing records to them in compliance with their investigation and we're willing and ready to continue to cooperate with them," Holland said.

Collins also said the alleged rapes of the teens went under the radar in efforts to hide other crimes like theft.

Holland said it's the first the company hears of such allegations, and that the case against Castillo is an isolated one.

"Any kind of a pattern and systematic practices of rape or torture," Holland said, "they're to my knowledge no evidence of that."

The building where Wendy TMs was located, is now empty with no trace of a Wendy TMs brand.

Holland said the location's closure had nothing to do with the allegations.

"The Boca Chica restaurant was not shut down in any way, shape or form because of the allegations of inappropriate relationship," Holland said. "The decision to shut down that restaurant was made several months before these allegations came about."