Weslaco colonia fights energy company

A group of 40 neighbors from a Weslaco colonia said they moved outside the city to find freedom from noise and pollution.

Now, they said all they have is anger after a gas company began working in their backyard.

According to colonia resident, Eulalia Villarreal, the compressor stations produce a rumbling noise that runs nearly 24 hours a day.

Day and night, said Villarreal.

And Villarreal is not alone.

Her neighbors said they can TMt sleep.

They said they can TMt concentrate.

I hardly sleep, said Lidia Campos, a colonia resident.

But for these neighbors, their problems go beyond noise.

They complain of coughs, ear infections, sore throats, skin rashes and headaches.

"My husband's constant nagging cough, said Elizabeth Rivera. I've had skin infections."

Irma Laldros said her daughter is always crying and coughing.

It TMs been five years since these neighbors said Erskine Energy LLC moved in.

They said their health problems appeared only after the compression stations started up.

The neighbors have taken their case to an environmental attorney.

The attorney, Scott McLain said the chemical Benzine is known to leak from compression stations like those in the Weslaco colonia.

It causes anemia | and ultimately leukemia, said McLain.

Action 4 News contacted the lawyer representing Erskine Energy LLC.

Mike Mills said, We have denied the allegations and will rigorously defend them at the courthouse.

It will be a full month before the neighbors go to the courthouse.

They said until then, they will continue buying medications they can TMt afford and fighting for the calm and quiet they once had.

"It's not what we built our home for, said Villarreal. This is not what we want."

The attorney representing the colonia said neighbors are asking their neighborhood be made safe.

He said they are also seeking some money, but a jury would decide the amount.