Weslaco family remembers teen killed by drunk driver

Maria's boyfriend

Days after Maria Cecilia Lopez was killed by a truck while getting the mail in front of her home, her family members prepare to say their last goodbyes.

Her uncle and godfather Raul Martinez told Action 4 News she was picked up early from Weslaco High School by her mother on Friday, after rumors spread that a student threatened to bring a gun to school.

As a parent you want to protect your child, for her, it was to take her out of school before something tragic happened, Martinez said.

Cecy, as she was known, and her mother were going to go shopping, she needed some items for prom which was the next night.

Cecy went to check the mail when the pair arrived home, that is when she was hit by a truck, the driver, 17 year-old Lucio Mario Rodriguez, was charged Saturday with Intoxication Manslaughter for Cecy TMs death.

Innocent people are dying because of carelessness, I think they need to put harsher penalties for people who decide to drink and drive, Martinez said.

The Lopez family plans to bury Cecy in her prom dress Wednesday afternoon.

She was a beautiful girl, full of life, to me she was an inspiration, Martinez said.

Monday, students at Weslaco High School wore Cecy TMs favorite color, blue, to honor a person many people say was king and wise for her years.

Maria was a very sweet person, she was very well liked by all the teachers and students, a lot of our teachers are taking it pretty hard, Weslaco High School Counselor Caridad Salinas said.

Family members say Cecy was a straight A student who was very involved with her church, a place where she met her boyfriend.

She was a great woman, that TMs why I wanted her in my life, she was perfect, Benigno Melendez III said.

The Lopez family hopes people learn from what happened to Cecy.

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