Weslaco family wants answers into December murder

Nelda TM tried her best to fight back the tears that threatened to overflow onto her cheek.

She said the last month has been difficult"as she and her family try and go about their lives as if nothing ever happened.

But something did happen"on December 19th her brother Oscar Garcia was killed while staying at a motel in Stafford, Texas.

"Who could actually want to kill him. He was just a nice guy---such a joker," Nelda said.

The news of her brother TMs death shook Nelda and her family to the core.

She said they did not believe he was gone"that is until Christmas Eve"when his body was brought back to Weslaco.

"It was extremely difficult and extremely painful, Nelda explained. It was unreal...I didn't think it was true until I saw him."

Nelda said, to her knowledge, her brother was not involved in gangs and did not sell drugs"so she cannot understand why someone would want to murder him.

"They didn't rob him, She said. He had money, what little he had on him, they didn't take it. We don't know what it could be."

Nelda and her family are now offering a $7,500 dollar reward for information on Oscar TMs death.

She said they will not rest until they get closure.

Action 4 News did speak with Stafford Police and they told us they still do not have any leads on the case.

If you have any information on the murder of Oscar Garcia call Stafford Crime stoppers at 281-342- TIPS.