Weslaco family win's Frank's Free Roof Giveaway

They are trying to complete Ibarra's new roof over the holidays.

One lucky Rio Grande Valley family said they are seeing their their dream come true over the holidays.

Simon Ibarra of Weslaco won the "Franks' Free Roof Giveway" last week.

Workers from Puente Roofing worked on Ibarra's roof in hopes of getting it done in time for Christmas.

Ibarra said he was grateful because he and his family had been dealing with a leaky roof for months.

"Knowing that there's a very good possibility that the next time that it rains you're not going ot have water you know coming through the roof of your house that gives you relief," Ibarra said.

Puente Roofing owner Frank Puente teamed up with Action 4 News to give a needy family a new roof for Christmas.

Ibarra was selected out of 150 entries after an anonymous letter described why Ibarra's family deserved the new roof.