Weslaco girl speaks on the change of teaching after 9/11

It TMs the smile on their faces that's about to give away the surprise.

Weslaco Independent School District (ISD) Superintendent Dr. Ruben Alejandro and Lieutenant Colonel Consuelo Kickbusch,USA,Ret., motivational speaker walk thru the halls of Mary Hogue Middle school.

"Kayla I hear today is a today is a special day for you said Dr. Ruben Alejandro, Weslaco Independent School District Superintendent. yea It's my 12th birthday" added Kayla Saldana.

They have come to surprise Kayla on her birthday.

"Since, its my birthday, it TMs one of the happiest days of my life; but it TMs the tragic days of my life because of 9-11 and what it did to this country," added Kayla Saldana

Kayla was born a year before the attacks on the world trade center.

She was asked to be a keynote speaker at Weslaco Independent School Districts first convocation ceremony.

"I was so excited that they actually picked me out of all the students in Weslaco I couldn TMt believe it I thought I was in dream, I was so happy, I couldn TMt stop practicing that speech.."

Kayla spoke to about 2400 district employees to tell them how different kids are today, than 10 years ago, and how the after effects of 9/11 changed the way kids learn and teachers learn.

She said that, our learning will never be the same because of that moment.

"They need to be prepared of what TMs going to happen soon, because it TMs not going to be over, because they are going to be other attacks no matter what we do and they need to prepare us for that too" said Kayla Saldana.

For Kayla this historical moment changed the way students learn and teachers teach.

The only way to accomplish this is history.

By using as much as they can from history and how similar it can be in the future use proof that it can be like that said Kayla Saldana.