Weslaco ISD bus aide claims boss sexually harassed her at work

A sexual harassment investigation is reopened against Interim Superintendent Dr. Ruben Alejandro.

A grievance states the district botched the initial investigation.

A veteran district bus aide is making the allegations against Dr. Alejandro.

The woman's grievance claims the district prematurely closed the case against him in January before she could obtain an attorney.

Alejandro vehemently denies that he ever asked her for lewd photos over the summer, as alleged in the case.

He also believes she's disgruntled.

The bus aide had her hours cut back in December.

Her schedule violated district policy.

She filed the grievance days before her schedule changed.

The school district's attorney says there was a lack of evidence found in the initial investigation.

The complainant failed to interview multiple times.

The case is now reopened since she hired an attorney.

Alejandro points to a clean 32 year record with the district.

The bus aide filed a similar sexual harassment complaint around ten years ago against another worker.

That district says that case was dropped.