Weslaco robbery suspects tried to jump over canal in their car

Armed men robbed this gold exchange store in Weslaco but were caught after a chase

An armed robbery in Weslaco ended with the suspects being arrested following a chase where they tried to jump a canal in their car.

It all happened at a gold exchange store on the 1800 block of North Texas Boulevard around 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Armed men stole gold and $2,000 dollars in cash.

The three suspects were fleeing the scene but didn TMt make it very far before police caught up with them.

Authorities chased the suspects all the way to North Border Avenue and Mile 10 North where they tried to jump a canal in their car.

One suspect tried to swim away but all three suspects were arrested.

Police told Action 4 News that the suspects are being linked to the armed robbery of a cell phone store on North Texas Boulevard on Tuesday night.