Weslaco woman travels to McAllen to recycle her waste

"Respecting the environment is so important," said Jo Beth Wright.

Wright drives from Weslaco to McAllen at least once a week to recycle her waste.

"You can do everything here including glass which you can't do in Weslaco unfortunately," she said.

She said recycling is a top priority.

"We want to preserve our environment and one small thing we can do is to recycle," said Wright.

Luckily for Wright, the city of McAllen TMs recycling center offers this drop off for recyclables.

"Paper, your plastic, your aluminum, cardboard, your glass we take it. They bring it and we happily take it," said Chris Lash, the renewable resources manager.

According to statistics provided to Action 4 News by the city of McAllen TMs recycling center, approximately 2.5 million plastic bottles are used by Americans each hour, and Americans generate over 180 million tons of waste each year, which is why they do their part by providing the recycling services.

"I guess you guys have curbside recycling here in McAllen, but I hope to see that across the county because that makes things a lot more convenient," said Wright.

Lash said although the city provides their share of services, she just hope residents will remember to do their part as well.

The week of November 15, the city of McAllen TMs recycling center will provide tours for the public to see how recycling is done.

For more information call the recycling center at 956-681-4050.