Weslaco's warrior survives amputation, but battle continues against cancer

He's a champion in his own right.

A young man who has won the hearts of his community and people across the nation after we featured his story last year.

Weslaco's warrior embarks on another fight against cancer.

"There were other people that wanted to help from other states, I got calls from Mississippi and Iowa that was a big surprise that it had spread that much."

23 year old Armando "Mando" Del Toro is back home in Weslaco for a few days.

It's been a year since we first sat down with him.

Since then he's lost his leg to sarcoma.

But don't tell him that, he's moving around like he's back on the field playing for the Panthers these days.

While his friends are attending college, getting married and starting their careers, Mando is still not done fighting cancer.

"I was shocked; I thought I was gonna have surgery and be done with it but nope my journey continues and I'm still fighting. "

The sarcoma spread to his lungs.

He lives in Houston with his dad and grandmother and they travel home when they can, but he is undergoing rigorous chemo to stop the tumors from spreading.

"The treatment hasn't been working very well. They work for a little bit, but the tumors get immune to it and they start growing again so they have me on some experimental treatments."

He was told a year ago if he didn't have surgery the cancer in his leg would probably take his life.

It hasn't and Mando says he isn't going to let the cancer in his lungs do him in either even though the prognosis is grim.

"The doctor already told me it's untreatable, the only way we can treat it is to control it."

Mando has the support of his family and the entire valley community behind him. If he could get this far, he's sure he can go much further.

"Do you see yourself fighting this and living out your life? Yeah, I think they can control it and I want to go back to school and finish college and hopefully get a job."

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