Wet winter could benefit farmers

Joe Aguilar was a farmer to the core. "I've been farming for about 40 years," said Aguilar. But unfortunately, the economy and even mother nature caused him to hang up his farming tools and retire from a job he loved. "I'm selling all my equipment and will probably go into subdividing and selling properties," said Aguilar. "It has been pretty rough as far as farming is concerned." Even though Joe has given up farming--he said the promise of a wetter winter for the Valley is a plus for others continuing this age old profession. "As far as having a good crop-- I think this year is going to be a good year," said Aguilar. "Being we have plenty of moisture in the see a lot of sub moisture is good for farming operations." Joe said, while it will not pull farmers out of their crisis, it will give them something to look forward too. "You'll save up a lot of money on irrigation because you'll start out with a sub moisture...which is a good moisture to start your crops with," said Aguilar. "I think it'll be a good year for all the cotton, corn and grain farmers." As Joe prepares to take a new venture in life--he hopes 2010 will be good to all those still struggling to stay a float.