Whataburger shutdown after fire causes "major damage"

Whataburger will remain shutdown as â??extensive damageâ?? has been reported. Photo via Twitter

A blaze at an Edinburg Whataburger had crews from several stations converging to put out a fire that caused "major damage".Edinburg Emergency Manager Shawn Snyder confirms Whataburger on Closner Avenue suffered significant damage in the late night fire. Fire crews from four stations converged to put out the electrical fire at the fast-food restaurant. Emergency calls first came in shortly after 10:00 p.m. More than 15 Whataburger customers were quickly evacuated from inside the restaurant. Edinburg TMs bravest from fire station two were among the first on the scene.

Witnesses say more than 10 fire trucks were on site. On Twitter, a photo showed half a dozen fire crews gearing up in their fire retardant suits with oxygen tanks, ready to put out the blaze and save the popular fast-food restaurant. Fire Marshalls report the restaurant will remain shutdown as extensive damage has been reported in the attic where investigators believe an electrical shortage ignited the fire. Action 4 News will bring you the latest details on and on our free Action 4 News mobile app available on iTunes and on Google Play. Follow Derick Garcia @DERICKKGBTLike Derick Garcia on faceook