Whataburger speaks out about restaurant fire

Following a blaze at an Edinburg Whataburger Sunday evening the restaurant has sent Action 4 a statement regarding the unfortunate event.

Whataburger Corporate Communications said that they were relieved none of their customers or team members were injured and grateful for how quickly the Edinburg Fire Department responded.

In their statement the restaurant also said, They will remain closed while we determine the extent of damage the fire caused.Fire crews from four stations gathered to put out the electrical fire at the fast-food restaurant on Closner.Edinburg Emergency Manager Shawn Snyder confirmed that the building suffered significant damage in the late night fire that according to authorities started shortly after 10:00 p.m.

More than 15 Whataburger customers were quickly evacuated.Fire Marshals report that the restaurant will remain shutdown as extensive damage has been reported in the attic where investigators believe an electrical shortage ignited the fire.