Wheelchair dad accompanies daughter to school amid danger

A McAllen dad has to accompany his daughter to school in his wheelchair.

As if the trek isn't dangerous enough, with no wheelchair-friendly sidewalks, he's outraged there is no crossing guard to help with traffic.

The intersection at North 10th Street and Hackberry Avenue sees a lot of traffic, too much for Dell and Rebecca Parker to send their five year old to school alone.

This morning Action Four News walked to school with kindergartner Evallynn Parker and her dad Dell.

Evallynn's mom, Rebecca goes to work at four in the morning and Dell can't walk very far because of his poor health.

The Parkers only live .8 miles away from school so Evallynn can't ride the bus.

Citing the state law, McAllen CISD says you must live more than two miles from the school for the bus to pick you up.

Dell has to navigate through the street because the sidewalk isn't wheelchair friendly.

"There is a sidewalk on the other side of Hackberry but there TMs no handicap ramp to get up there, Dell said. "I can only go so far on the sidewalk."

Dell was told there would be a crossing guard at 10th Street but when we arrived at 7:27 am no one was there but us.

Pointing to the crossing signals Dell explained to Evallynn how to follow their signal.

"See the red hand. You have to wait until it turns white and there is man walking, Dell said.

Along the way all sorts of obstacles got in the way of Dell TMs chair.

"I got stuck right here yesterday, Dell said pointing to a small stretch of dirt between the sidewalk and a parking lot. "There is a ramp to get on but not a ramp to get off."

As a cross guard directed traffic Evallynn got a little confused.

"He is telling us to go, Evallynn said.

No, he is telling us to wait, Dell corrected her.

"For a five-year-old in all this traffic, it's extremely dangerous, Dell said.

Taking action we spoke to the district and they quickly responded.

"I TMm sure sometimes from the parents point of view, they feel like they are hitting a stone wall but I can assure you we do listen to every call and concern and try to find resolutions for everyone, McAllen CISD spokesman Mark May said.