When it rains it pours

It finally happened!

Like the old saying goes ~when it rains it pours. TM

The Rio Grande Valley got a good soaking Wednesday and the party is not over yet.

More of the much needed rain was spotted south of the Valley into Mexico and headed our way while this report was being written.

Severe thunderstorms have been popping up through Wednesday afternoon and early evening, with the coastal counties getting the brunt of the storm.

Weather watcher Mary Garza of Sebastian reported as much as 6 inches of rainfall at her house as early as 5:00 p.m. Wednesday.

The National Weather Service reports early estimates at 1 to 3 inches for much of the area with 4 to 5 inches isolated.

Despite some flooding, these tropical showers are a big drop in the bucket with most of the Valley still in an exceptional drought.

As always, when driving on flooded roadways, ~turn around, don TMt drown. TM

You will not be able to tell how deep the water may be.