Who Is Molly? What parents need to know

File Photo: "Molly"

A dangerous drug with a different name gaining popularity among teens.

"If you saw a text and it says where's Molly or have you seen Molly you probably wouldn't think twice."

Parents should take notice because Molly is not your average party mate.

"It's MDMA, it's the chemical used in ecstasy so when everyone talks about Molly they talk about ecstasy," says Derek French for Palmer Drug Abuse Program in McAllen.

These days a lot of people are talking about Molly.

"Molly has been around it's just a form of ecstasy the reason it got so popular is rappers started rapping about it."

From artists Trinidad to Lil' Wayne, even Kanye West and Jay-Z have name dropped.

Aaron Tanguma of Edcouch was at the top of his game when he fell into the drug scene.

Now on his path to recovery, he's warning other young adults about not following the crowd whatever drugs they may be pushing.

"Everybody is saying Molly, I'm on that Molly, and kids now a days they do what the rappers say."

Tanguma learned the hard way. His football playing dreams came to a screeching halt.

"I went from hero to zero with drugs now I'm trying to climb my way back up."

"It's funny how these teens will trust some random person but they won't trust a family member when it comes to solutions," says French.

He met one valley teenager who had experienced the ugly side of Molly.

"A young man came in here to PDAP who took it knowingly and he was at a club, and i don't know if he took too much the effects like rapid heartbeat and hyperthermia triggered the overdose."

Popping Molly differs from taking plain ecstasy because it's the pure powder or crystal form and usually is mixed with other drugs in one capsule.

"They'll lace it or cut it and mix it with speed with meth," says French.

The heart begins to race, there can be panic attacks, faintness, seizures and loss of consciousness associated with the drug.

"He wound up literally flat lining," French said.

Luckily that teen's heart started beating again, but French says some people are not so lucky and teens as well as their parents need to know Molly is a perilous seductress.

"Just because it's got a new name associated with it a lot of people think it's the latest and greatest," French said.

He says in the case of Molly or any drug, users and abusers need to realize that euphoria can quickly turn deadly.

"Increased heart rate, increases your core temperature, most people go out to a party so they're dancing ," French said.

And if Molly lets you live, the long term effects from using the drug can be devastating.

"Don't do it," Tanguma said. "Stay away from all drugs because it's not worth it at the end at all it's not worth it."

According to a national survey on drug use and health, ecstasy is climbing in prevalence since 2008.

Some 18 percent of emergency room visits associated with the drug were adolescents younger than 17.

If you or your family member need to learn more about Molly contact the Palmer Drug Abuse Program in McAllen at 687-7714.

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