Wife finds bloody scene after husband found beaten to death

Rudolfo Delgado

Zulema Delgado wants justice for her husband TMs death.

McAllen Police responded to a domestic dispute Sunday around 1 a.m. at the 4900 block of West Buddy Owens.

A witness to the beating told police Rudolfo Delgado was beaten by his daughter Alicia Delgado.

Zulema was not home at the time of the incident.

Alicia and her two children moved in with her father and Zulema about two months ago from her home in San Diego.

Since that time, Zulema said she was verbally abusive to her and Rudy.

In two months she destroyed my marriage, Zulema said. I had to move out of here because she has a dirty mouth and she doesn TMt want to work.

Unaware that her husband had passed, Zulema visited her home Sunday night.

Inside she found a trail of blood, broken glass and pieces of hair with skin attached to them.

He died, his own daughter, his blood daughter, she killed him, Zulema said.

Rudy, a Navy and Army veteran had suffered nine mild strokes and has had three motorcycle accidents breaking several bones.

Police told the family Alicia admitted to stomping on her father TMs head after she knocked him to the ground.

She hit him with something, there is glass everywhere on the floor, there TMs a lot of blood in this house, Zulema said shedding tears.

A witness said Alicia waited nearly two hours before calling police.

"She hit him with something there was too many glasses on the floor cause there TMs alot of blood in this house," Zulema said.

Family members tell Action 4 News Zulema TMs children were home at the time of the incident.

Alicia was released this afternoon from the McAllen jail.

An autopsy has been ordered.

Donations for Rudolfo Delgado TMs funeral can be given at IBC Bank to an account under Zulema S. Delgado.