Wife found guilty for murdering husband

Almost two years after the death of her husband, Mirna Garcia was found guilty of murder and given a 55 year sentence.Garcia sat emotionless as both Antonio Garcia TMs mom and sister took the stand.Both broke down numerous times as they told the jury the pain they have endured over the past year. Antonio TMs death affected me very much, said Maria Garcia. I used to talk to him all the time and I TMm still trying to get used to not talking to him.Antonio Garcia was shot and killed at his place of business, ~Cactus Iron Works, TM in Edinburg back in December of 2008.Both Mirna Garcia and Shop Forman Jose Gomez were arrested for the murder in January of 2009.Mirna faced a panel of jurors earlier this year"but that trial was declared a mistrial.This time around, though, a jury of twelve convicted her of murder and sentenced her to 55 years behind bars.She did not shed a tear as the sentencing was read and was quickly escorted out of the courtroom and into another room once it was all over.As for Antonio TMs family"they said the verdict is what they wanted but it will not change the reality that Antonio is never coming back.The satisfaction would be to have our brother back, said Omar Garcia. I don TMt think anybody is ever satisfied---there is not satisfaction.Omar said the only satisfaction is that justice was served.