Wife witnesses murder and husband's kidnapping

Neighbors on West 24th Place were awoken in the middle of the night to screams and loud sobbing.According to the neighbor, who does not want to be identified, the woman screaming had just witnessed her husband being shot and died in her arms.He said hours before the shooting he saw the suspects patrolling the neighborhood in a white Ford SUV."They were all dressed in black, it looked like they had bullet proof vests and ski masks, they were all in black," the man said.He spoke to the victim moments after police arrived. She described the horrific scene leading up to the shooting."The guy that they wanted to kidnap they saw him, they dropped him to the floor and started tying him up, the other one ran under the table they went in they asked they guy to get out of the table and that TMs when they shot him like 4 times," the man said.It was then, the man landed on his wife, leaving the woman drenched in blood from the waist down.He said that's when the victim told him they grabbed the homeowner, tied him up, and took him away."They grabbed a handgun and knocked him in the head and knocked him out and threw him in the back of the truck and left," the man said.Mission police were able to locate the Ford Explorer at Monte Cristo and 7 mile line. The victim was tied up in the back of the vehicle.