Will border violence deter Semana Santa travel plans?

Semana Santa, Holy week, is a week to commemorate Jesus Christ.

It TMs a holiday in Mexico most use to travel and be with family, but with violence escalating in Mexico, it may keep some at home.

Everyone is scared, said Rodolfo Cervantes in Spanish.

Cervantes lives in Matamoros.

Sometimes you TMre in your car, and all of a sudden, there TMs a shooting, and that really shakes you up, he said.

Action 4 News spoke to two women who witnessed a kidnapping Friday.

They didn TMt want to speak on camera or give their names because they TMre afraid of any repercussions.

They said while picking up a family member at the Matamoros bus station, a group of people carrying machine guns and wearing masks, forced 7 people into their vehicles.

These witnesses said they are afraid of traveling in Mexico and will spend Semana Santa in the United States.

Other Mexican nationals said regardless of the violence, they feel safe to travel.

I TMll be traveling with my family, so I feel safe, said Alejandra Avila Ramirez in Spanish.

Ramirez said the only thing she can do is pray that nothing happens to her and her family during her holy week travel plans to Monterrey.

Action 4 News also talked to U.S. Customs and Border Protection and they issued this statement about the border violence:

Through proper staffing and coordination we remain vigilant and are maintaining our strong operational posture while still providing for safe and legitimate trade and travel at our ports of entry. As Secretary Napolitano has conveyed directly to the Mexican government, President Calderon has the full support of DHS in cracking down on the powerful, entrenched drug cartels in Mexico. Our two nations have a shared responsibility to keep the pressure on and continue to protect our citizens on both sides of the border.