Will there be enough water for the Valley in the future?

Water Summit

Water is on the minds of several leaders meeting in Brownsville today.

Texas State Representative Eddie Lucio Jr. III (D-San Benito) is hosting the water awareness summit 2013 for the Rio Grande Valley in order to bring serious water issues to the top of the state and local agenda.

Presenters include State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. (D-Brownsville) and the managers of several key municipal and state organizations.

All the talk is about water and how the Rio Grande Valley will manage its future water use.

Some sobering facts are coming to light as to how delicate the Valley's water supply is in terms of quantity.

One questions being asked is, "Will there be enough water if the drought continues and our population continues to grow?"

Planning for the future includes managing existing water resources like the Rio Grande, brackish ground water and possibly someday desalinating the Gulf of Mexico.

Dividing up the water between nations and needs is crucial, agriculture versus city thirst and the tug of war between the U.S. and Mexico.

More political topics are coming up too like the water treaty with Mexico and the weir dam project proposed by Brownsville's Public Utilities Board.