Willacy Co. Levee Leak Contained

The water gushes out at a threatening pace from under the levee keeping the floodwaters away from the homes in Santa Monica just east of Sebastian.

Its been seeping through the soil for several hours since friday night, but drainage crews for the county tell Action 4 News there is no reason for panic.

Paul greenhill with the Willacy co. Drainage District says, "At this point everything is under control and were just trying to protect the people and the crops that are out here that are still salvageable."

Since early Saturday morning crews worked non-stop to fix the leak.

Five water pumps were brought in to get the water back into the floodway.

Paul says we're basicaly taking the water that leaking out and pumping right back into the levee system, said

Many of the residents we spoke to here in Santa Monica tell Action 4 News they are aware of the situation but they dont see a reason for concern yet.

The water reached the yards on several homes before they leak was brought under control by crews.

Though they would not go on camera the family living here says they have no intention of leaving.

Frank Torres, Emergency Coordinator for Willacy County, says, "Were not ordering any evacuations at this time."

In a phone interview Frank Torres tells Action 4 News they are closely watching the situation.

More floodwater is expected to reach this part of town over the next few hours.

Although no evacuation orders have been placed county leaders want residents living next to levees to be prepared just in case.

Frank says, "They need to be vigilant and they need to be prepared to move at a moments notice."

In the meantime engineers form Willacy County and the IBWC will bring in sandbags to plug in this leak.

They will be watching over the next few days, but they say they are ready for any emergency situation.