Willacy County healthcare provider found guilty in theft case

Rosa Maria Silva

A home healthcare provider who stole thousands of dollars from an elderly couple has been found guilty of felony theft.

The charges were filed in 2008 but the case never went to court, until this past week.

Rosa Maria Silva, 55, of Lyford took almost $20,000 dollars from an elderly couple of Raymondville has been found guilty.

Silva was a health care provider for two elderly Hispanic victims from approximately 2004 to 2007.

According to court documents, Silva would cash the victim's social security checks in order to pay bills.

But instead of doing so, she pocketed the money, forcing the elderly couple into foreclosure.

After three years of waiting, the family finally had their day in court.

The Willacy County District's Attorney's Office says it took so long because the past administration let this case slip through the cracks.

"Apparently at the time this case was submitted to the District's Attorney's, the prior administration of Mr. Guerra, for some reason or another it stayed abandoned," said prosecutor Carlos Masso. "Then this administration took over. And one of our first priorities was to look into the cases that hadn't been looked into."

Aside from taking funds from the couple's social security check, Silva also took out credit cards without their consent.

Silva is expected to be sentenced on March 28th after an investigation report is done.

Silva faces up to two years in prison and a $10,000 dollar fine.