Win $10,000 in HEB's Slim Down Showdown

If you are still hoping to shed a few pounds for your new year's resolution, there is a new competition at HEB you need to know about.

"Last time I was this size was in high school," said Daniel Garza. I'm 36 today so you do the math."

Garza said he's a new man.

After losing 60 pounds following the HEB Slim Down Showdown, the HEB Southmost manager in Brownsville is a fraction of his old self, once tipping the scales at 250 pounds.

"I had to buy 2 sizes smaller on pretty much everything from double XL in a lot of my shirts to a large," Garza said. "So that was great. I lost over four pant sizes and right now I have to go buy some more as well," said Garza.

Garza says he dropped the weight in a year by adding more fruits and vegetables to his diet.

He is now part of the minority.

As the saying goes 'everything is bigger in Texas.'

According to the Texas Department of State Health services, in 2009 over 66 percent of adults in the lone star state were either overweight or obese.

HEB spokeswoman Bea Lopez said shoppers who take the challenge will have a chance to enter to win $10,000 dollars.

"Healthy at HEB is a long term commitment to improve the lives of Texans and give them healthier options for fresh product, affordable products that TMs easy to prepare at home," Lopez said.

For Garza, most of the cash is long gone.

"Completely new wardrobe change you know, the $10,000 that I won, a lot of it went to new clothing," Garza said.

He admits its not about the money but making the switch to a healthier life style and hoping others will follow his lead.

For more on how you can join HEB's weight loss contest and possibly win some cold hard cash, head to