Windshield Woes: TxDOT won't pay damage

John Langmaid

Diane Langmaid describes the sound of construction material hitting her brand new car, as loud as gunshots.

The incident happened last spring as she and her husband John were crossing the Queen Isabella Memorial Bridge.

The couple said the construction material flew towards their vehicle and damaged it.

"My concern was the safety aspect, because we weren't the only cars that got sprayed," Diane Langmaid said.

Besides the car being covered in mud from the construction site in the middle of the bridge, the couple said their windshield was also pelted by debris.

The repair will cost $600 dollars out of pocket.

John Langmaid is upset because he said Texas Department of Transportation crews should not have been working on the bridge that day, citing windy conditions.

"The (project manager) said, ~well we had to get the job done, TM Langmaid said. And I said, ~well I spent 40 years in construction and if you can't do a job within the parameters of weather conditions to make it safe, you just don't do it. TM"

There are laws that protect TxDOT when it comes to damages to cars by certain road hazards.

However, TxDOT officials tell Action 4 News they do look at each claim carefully before making a determination.

They agreed to pay the couple only $30 for getting their car dirty. But for John, this claim goes way beyond reimbursements.

"If you don't speak-up about the wrongs in government and the way they treat people, bureaucracy will continue to do that, Langmaid said. I TMve spent my lifetime in construction and union environment and fighting for people's rights, and I just hate to see any entity just roll over somebody."