Wine bottle theft leads to multiple charges for Brownsville man

Jose Alfredo Zamora

A Brownsville man is behind bars on multiple charges after he allegedly attacked an elderly man trying to stop him from stealing a bottle of wine.

Brownsville police arrested 32-year-old Jose Alfredo Zamora on multiple criminal charges on Tuesday.

It all happened at a gas station on the 1100 block of International Boulevard.

Zamora allegedly tried to steal a wine bottle from the store but was confronted by a 72-year-old man.

Police said Zamora responded by threatening the man with a pocket knife and a hammer.

Zamora allegedly threw a cinder block at the man but hit a parked taxi cab.

The elderly man followed Zamora home where police arrested him and recovered the stolen wine bottle.

Zamora remains in custody under $62,000 dollars in bonds for theft, criminal mischief and aggravated assault charges.