Winning cupcake factory bombarded with business

Kim Kardashian, Betty White, and Hugh Hefner.

They're all names of celebrities, and also names of some of the most popular cupcakes at RGV Cupcake Factory.

Sabrina Rodriguez and her staff have been soaking up the love they have been receiving after their recent win on the Food Network show "Cupcake Wars."

But it has also made these ladies very busy.

"The lines out the door have been wonderful to see. Traffic jams on 10th Street have been annoying to the cops, but again we're having fun with it," says Sabrina. "We appreciate everything, people have been congratulating us."

And it's not just from locals.

Sabrina says people from outside the valley have also reached out to the bakery.

"We've been getting Facebook posts and even phone calls from people around the US," Sabrina says. "They're like "Oh my gosh, I just saw you!" or "I'm living in California, but I'm originally from the valley! You're doing such a good job!"

With new found fame and an boom in business, RGV Cupcake Factory is now hiring more employees to help with the baking, selling, and promoting the business.