Winter related insurance claims

With old man winter hitting the Rio Grande Valley Insurance agents are bracing for weather related claims.

Protecting your home from the winter weather is something Abraham Padron with Safe Guard Insurance Agency says is a must.

"Because we're not used to it in the Valley to have this cold we get an assortment of claims", said Padron.

Padron says those claims range from wind damage, to pipes, even landscaping.

"A lot of people may have a lot of landscaping, in their home and they'll call us and ask us and say hey I lost 5, 6 palm trees and I mean palm trees can be expensive", said Padron.

According to Padron most Insurance policies TM only cover a small amount of landscaping damage so it's important to protect your trees and shrubs by covering them up.

But it's not only about protecting your home on the outside; experts say you need to take precautions inside as well.

Including paying special attention to all of your faucets.

"Make sure you have a little water running and open up the bottom of your sink draws so you can have heat coming in", said Padron.

Padron adds if for some reason your pipes do burst more than likely your insurance will cover the damage, but you need to report the loss right away.

"Take pictures we always want to see pictures and after an accident happens or a loss happens protect your home from further damage", said Padron.

While home insurance is available for your protection Padron adds at the end of the day prevention is key.

If you don't have insurance there is still time to call an agent and sign up.

Unfortunately when a Hurricane hits there is a cut of period and people can't get the coverage the need, but Padron adds in this case things are different.