Winter Texan couple desperate to find their pets

Just days before a Winter Texan couple is set to leave the valley, they are robbed of their prized possessions.

Since November , Paul and Fern Hency have been enjoying their 4th Winter Texan season in the valley, but just days before they were set to head home to Michigan, their family is torn apart.

"I went to bed crying and woke up crying, said Fern Hency. I just miss them."

The Hency's two dogs, 11-year-old Shih Tzu, Noelle, and 1-year-old poodle mix, Bunny, are missing.

"We went over to Michael's to use a coupon for 40% off and we decided to take the dogs with us." said Hency.

The couple told Action 4 News that they don't make a habit of leaving the dogs in the car, but because of the cool temperatures Tuesday evening they decided it would be okay.

They cracked the window to let the cool breeze in, but it was also enough space to let car thieves do their dirty work.

"Paul said my truck is gone and I said no we parked it over here, and he said no I parked it right here, and it's gone" said Hency.

The 2007 Ford F-250 Harley Davidson truck was stolen from the Michael TMs parking lot off McColl with Noelle and Bunny inside.

"They are like our kids, they travel with us, live with us, said Hency. The trucks you can replace, but when you fall in love with two little dogs they cannot be replaced."

Police say there is no sign that the truck has crossed the border and all the Hency's can do is wait it out with their mobile home stranded at an RV park in Pharr with no way of pulling it back to Michigan."We can't fly home because everything is in here, clothes, we don't have a home at home, said Hency.That is the least of their worries right now. They say they can stay put as long as they need to, but they can't sleep comfortably knowing their dogs are out there possibly in danger.

"I just hurt all the time, said the concerned dog owner. I see pictures of them and can't believe they're gone"

The loss of Bunny and Noelle is almost more than they can bare.

That's why they are asking anyone who may have seen the dogs to report it and are even sending a message to the car thieves to have the heart to give them back their babies.

"Drop them off at the shelter, and we will check there every day. You can keep the truck, we want our dogs," said Hency.

The truck is a Blue 2007 Harley Davidson F-250 with grey smoke designs on the side.

Contact authorities if you spot the stolen vehicle.