Winter Texans vacation home goes up in flames

Winter Texans lose mobile home to fire

Two weeks in Texas, a vacation trip from Missouri, gone bad for the Winter Texans.

Neighbors said it TMs the second time they TMve had a scare in the area.

Lizbeth Santos said a couple of months ago the property on the other side of her home went up in flames.

Her husband helped douse the flames with buckets of water until firefighters arrived.

The mobile home fire on Fourth Street in La Feria was a total loss but a big scare for residents.

"In a matter of minutes it happened, I heard an explosion and rapidly the trailer caught on fire and nothing was left," Santos said

Cameron County Fire Marshal Armando Lucio said the material in the homes are highly flammable.

That trailer got damage and that home over there and that trailer over there" Lucio said.

The mobile homes are made primarily out of aluminum.

Lucio said when fires erupt -- these structures basically just melt.

"It burn down to the ground, we are going to continue digging and see if we can come up with a solution as to what caused this fire," Lucio said

Now the neighbors in town for a few months of rest and relaxation are left with --- less than what they came with.

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