Witness helps deliver 'Miracle baby' on scene of rollover


Days after losing her mother, Californian Iria Wolnick was in route to pay her last respects when she saw a vehicle with a pregnant woman and her family inside rollover.

She pulled over to the side of the road to assess the scene of the accident and to help anyone in need. That is when a 8-month pregnant woman was losing her life after being ejected from the vehicle.

The accident happened after midnight on Friday, and two 911 calls were placed at 12:18 and 12: 22 a.m.

Wolnick and her family witnessed the vehicle quickly catch fire on Highway 77, just 12 miles north of Raymondville.

The 19-year-old woman had a laceration on her pregnant abdomen, and Wonick saw blood everywhere as the soon-to-be mother plead for her unborn baby TMs life.

Wolnick did not realize Niser Anahe Saldana was pregnant until she saw the baby TMs head emerging from the woman TMs cut open stomach.

Saldana continued to ask if her baby was okay and that is when Wolnick shockingly saw a huge mass on Saldana TMs abdomen.

Wolnick was composed and remained calm as she saw the baby TMs head emerge from the woman TMs cut-open stomach.

Instincts set in and Wolnick quickly helped to deliver the baby on the scene of the car accident.

Wolnick extended her hands as she reached for the Miracle Baby.

The baby TMs head and one of her hands was protruded out of the laceration that she had to her abdomen, and the baby was crying which is unbelievable and wonderful, said of her eyewitness account.

A Good Samaritan truck driver helped by taking off his shoe lace, which was used to tie the umbilical cord.

Saldana died as a result of the accident, her boyfriend, her 2-year-old and her newborn 6 pound 11 ounce baby survived.

~Miracle Baby TM Emma Lyn Anahi Ortega is currently in stable condition at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen, as her father attends her mother TMs wake today.

A mass will be held for the deceased mother at St. Ann TMs Catholic Church at 10 a.m. in Penitas tomorrow.

Wolnick was invited to Saldana burial at L and I Cemetery in Penitas.