Witness saw fatal Palmview accident happen

This scene tells a heart wrenching story.

Some 20 illegal immigrants were crammed into a small grey van.

All of them were searching for one thing: a better life.

But now, nine of them are dead and six others injured.

Most of those injured are in critical condition with brain swelling and other injuries.

It's all because the driver of the van tried fleeing from Border Patrol agents lost control of his vehicle.

Sergio Hernandez, Jr. told Action 4 News that he was right in the middle of it.

"He kind of fish tailed and couldn't get control, Hernandez recalled. He was getting close to my vehicle and then noticed me. He fish tailed again and almost hit me. He hit a curb."

In just a matter of seconds, Hernandez said he witnessed the van full of people begin flipping over.

"It happened so quick, Hernandez said. I saw them in back and then in front and saw the vehicle flip and everything flying out."

Hernandez said he couldn't believe his eyesm wanting to turn away but fixated on what was unfolding right in front of him.

"When he tried to avoid the sign and take a left, the doors of the van were open, that's when the bodies started flying in the air and landing everywhere, he said.

It's something he's never witnessed before and now he says these images are forever imprinted in his mind. It's something he'll never forget.

"It's not a pretty picture to see, Hernandez said.