Witness says man jumped from bridge

A man in McAllen jumped from an overpass

She couldn TMt believe her eyes.

All we saw was the traffic started breaking really fast, Marla said.

Marla, who wants to go by her first name only, was driving home with her family when she said she saw someone jump off the 2nd Street overpass in McAllen yesterday at about 7 p.m.

We saw that there was nobody there on top of the bridge, to where it could have been an accident or something, it was more like a suicide, she said.

It happened in the middle of rush hour traffic causing McAllen police to shut down the west bound side of Expressway 83.

Eyewitnesses say Joe Alex Saucedo jumped off of an overpass into oncoming traffic heading eastbound on the expressway.

Police say the investigation is ongoing but still don TMt have a motive as to why he may have committed suicide.

The most frequent illness that accounts for suicides are number one depression, and another big one is substance abuse, psychiatrist Dr. Jose Igoa said.

According to police records, Saucedo had 2 DWI charges and several drug possession charges.

The most recent charge against Saucedo occurred on January 1st for criminal trespass with a deadly weapon.

People start feeling down, despondent, downcast, they have no energy to do things; they have no motivation, Dr. Igoa said.

Dr. Igoa says those are a few signs of depression, which is treatable and avoidable if the individual reaches out for help.

If something was running through his mind to where he was thinking of suicide there should have been other ways of him getting help, Marla said.

The most recent data released by The Texas Department of State Health Services, shows in 2011 2,802 people committed suicide in the state of Texas.