Witness steps forward about daycare allegations

After more accusations against an ex Sunshine Academy daycare worker surfaced, a witness steps forward to speak about her alleged experiences with Francisco Lopez.

The girl whom we'll call Jane wants to remain anonymous.

"He tried to romance me," said Jane.

She recalls her time at Sunshine Academy when she was younger.

"He approached me with an idea of a relationship together or maybe something physical, and I refused," said Jane.

Jane claims Francisco Lopez, the accused child molestor who worked at the center, bought her things and wanted to have a relationship with her when she was only 12 years old.

"He wrote it to me in a letter because there were other adults around," said Jane.

She said she allegedly showed it to Esther Rodriguez, the owner of the daycare.

"Esther told me that I had written it myself," said Jane.

Five alleged victims have since come forward claiming the same man, Francisco Lopez, also known as "Champ" inappropriately touched them while he worked at Sunshine Academy.

The owner has denied the allegations.

"Why would a child that young lie about something like that?" said Jane.

Jane claims to have seen Champ in action.

"He actually reached into her skirt and actually squeezed her butt," said Jane.

She's talking about another minor who was 11 years old at the time.

Action 4 News spoke to Esther Rodriguez's attorney, and he said Rodriguez is surprised that the witness is going to the media instead of law enforcement, and she said it's the first time she's heard of a witness.