Witness to Moorefield Road crash speaks, shares story

Juan Cantu said he has witnessed a lot of accidents but the one that happened Friday afternoon on Moorefield road and Northwest of Alton left him very emotional."I don TMt know how this happened but, I see a lot of people coming on this highway using their phones and distracted, that could TMve been a factor, Juan Cantu said.Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) state troopers said it was the reason 3 people died. 63-year-old Jesus Maria Saenz was hit head on by 22-year-old Dulce Barajas.According to DPS troopers, she had her baby improperly secured in the car seat. DPS state troopers said she was texting and driving."I saw a real bad accident, I knew when I saw the lady in the car she had red hair and she was leaning against the window and the door, for sure I knew she was dead," Juan Cantu said.The emotional father said the accident brought bad thoughts. He adds seeing Dulce Barajas made him think of his daughter and grandson. He said they often take a longer route to avoid Moorefield road.Cantu said it brought back memories. He said the accident was so bad, he had to pull over to gather his composure."There are times our gut feeling says, get away from this area," Juan Cantu said.Cantu said he would like to see more officers in the area. He said after the accident he called his daughter and told her to make sure the safety seat is properly installed. He asks people not to text and drive.