Witnesses describe gruesome scene at deadly Mission accident

A bouquet of flowers and keepsakes mark the spot where a four-car accident claimed the lives of six people.

The Texas Department of Public Safety officials confirm that Monday night a high-speed pursuit ended when 18 year-old Hector Ramirez crashed into three other cars at the intersection of Western Road and 7 Mile line (FM 2221) in Mission.

A man painting a building near the intersection heard the collision.

"I ran from where I was at to see if I could render any aid and the first thing I saw were children," the man who wishes to remain anonymous said.

Witnesses say a Chevrolet Suburban was struck first, causing the family inside to be thrown onto the roadway.

A nearby resident ran to the scene and found a toddler alive, covered in debris from the accident.

Somebody gave the kid to the lady over here and she started washing him, a witness said.

The boy had his family members' skin stuck to his arms and face and body, the resident said. I just washed his face, arms, legs; it was terrible.

The woman bathed the child in her children TMs swimming pool and cared for him until paramedics arrived.

DPS officials say Ramirez was driving a stolen Ford F250 and led a trooper on a pursuit which ended when he crashed.

He fled the scene but was caught and transported to a local hospital.

Witnesses question whether the trooper should have stopped pursuing Ramirez, who the witness said was driving recklessly.

They were doing their job, but better judgment could have avoided this accident, a witness said.

The accident has forever changed the lives of those who saw the gruesome scene up close.

The incident has caused at least one of the witnesses to think twice when driving through an intersection on a busy road.

Look before you go at a green light. You never know (when) something like this could happen again, he said.

DPS officials say Ramirez is currently hospitalized but once he is released authorities plan to file criminal charges.

Names of the deceased:

Olga Lidia Morales-Cardoza, 35, PenitasElias Ortiz, 1, PenitasFernanda Ortiz, 3, PenitasJose Ortiz, 6, PenitasJose Luis Ortiz, 55, PenitasRichardo Ortiz, 5, Penitas


Jesus Ortiz, 3, PenitasLesbia Diaz Perez, 42, MissionMaria Elizabeth Botello, 39, MissionErnesto Chavero, 5Orlando Chavero, 8