Witnesses of shooting relieved over arrest

Brownsville shooting suspect caught

The house at 223 Keith Lane in Brownsville hasn't seen any activity in several months now, but the memory of what happened May 2012 is still very much alive especially for the people live nearby.

"She had several wounds to her arm and back," said a woman who wants to remain unidentified.

Neighbors said they saw Yasmin Reyes on her parents drive way as a man in a car yelled for her to come to him.

Several loud pops were heard, and Yasmin grabbed her arm and attempted to make her way into her house where her father was sleeping after working the night shift.

But according to witnesses, the shooter wasn't done.

"He reversed, got out of his Mustang and started shooting at the woman again."

Yasmin lay bleeding as this woman ran to her aide with 911 on the line.

"She was screaming for her dad so I started yelling his name while I had emergency dispatch on the phone."

Brownsville police said Victor Manuel Hernandez, a UTB Criminal Justice graduate who was working as a tutor at the university at the time of the shooting, is the triggerman.

After more than a year on the run, he crossed the bridge from Mexico and turned himself over to authorities in Brownsville.

The family he is accused of terrorizing has moved away.

"They were scared he was going to come back."

This witness and her family were also relieved to hear he's behind bars since they saw what happened here and wanted justice for the young woman who nearly lost her life.

"We thought since we saw everything he was going to come back, we're glad he didn't."

Hernandez is charged with aggravated assault.

Yasmin lost a kidney because of the shooting and requires therapy for injuries to her arm.

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