Witnesses relive horror of restaurant kidnapping

Witnesses took the stand in the trial of a man accused of capital murder and kidnapping a Brownsville man.

Reyes Bocanegra, 22, was with his wife at the Mariscos Playa Azul Restaurant in Brownsville when armed men tied him up, took him by force and killed him last year.

Today, a Cameron County jury heard testimony from several witnesses. A cashier told the jury that she was taken by force to the kitchen of the restaurant, where Abraham Parra then tied the cook and the cashier TMs hands and feet with duct tape. On the stand, the cashier said Parra and four other armed men did not hurt them physically, but they were mentally and emotionally traumatized after being tied up at their place of employment.

A customer dining at Mariscos Playa Azula that evening was in tears today as she told jurors the men suddenly got up from their seats and pointed a gun in the direction of her son.

She said they were all in shock and could barely move when after being demanded to get on the ground.

The witness testified at one point the gunmen pointed the gun at her husband's back, as she laid fearful holding her son tight.

The entire incident was caught on tape.

Hours later, Bocanegra was found dead in the back seat of an SUV with an gunshot wound to the head. A Border Patrol agent also took the stand and testified he found Bocanegra slumped over in a White Tahoe with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head. Parra is one of the eight arrested for the kidnapping of Reyes Bocanegra and killing him execution style.

The trial is set to resume tomorrow at the Cameron County Courthouse.