Woman Accuses Harlingen 'Hoarder' Of Code Violations

Rosalinda Garcia's backyard was supposed to be her little slice of heaven.

Great care goes into taking care of her property off West Taylor Avenue in Harlingen..

"I cut the lawn, I water the plants," she said.

And while it may look picturesque, Rosalinda said it's anything but because of what her neighbor does in his backyard.

"Oh my God... It's a nightmare," she said.

Just over the fence lives a so-called Harlingen hoarder.

There are piles of used construction material, even a rusted vehicle on blocks on the property.

Rosalinda said the man who lives there uses it as junkyard for everything from busted appliances to dirty toilets.

"We have opossums, dead animals... even rats," she said.

She's had to enclose portions of her property line and the patio.

Rosalinda said snakes coming from the makeshift junkyard keep her in constant fear.

There's often a funky smell too.

Her family's health is a constant concern.

Many of her family members have asthma and allergies.

"All these animals come over here... It has disease... Or I don't know," she said.

Rosalinda has been dealing with the problem for some six years.

She's been trying to sell the home and move out.

Her realtor told her it's going to be tough to sell it with the junk next door.

Nobody was home Friday afternoon to respond to accusations of multiple city code violations.

Rosalinda said she's given up trying to get the property owner to clean up.

Inspectors with the City of Harlingen could not be reached late Friday afternoon because of the holiday.