Woman arrested after bus driver finds her child

Jessica Villa arrested for child endangerment

A Brownsville mother is arrested after her 1-year-old daughter is found more than 50 feet away from her home, wandering by a sidewalk.

On Wednesday afternoon, a BISD bus driver saw the little girl, wearing only a diaper, crying near the road.

The driver pulled over, placed the girl inside the bus and called the sheriff TMs office.

A Cameron County Sheriff Deputy arrived, and 15 minutes after finding her, the bus driver saw the girl TMs mother come out from a nearby alleyway.

The mother, Jessica Villa, told the deputy that her daughter was outside playing when she went inside to check on her son.

Villa said that when she went back outside, her daughter was no longer there.

She said she looked inside the house and out on her property, but did not find her daughter until she walked towards the roadway and saw the bus driver.

The little girl had walked to a busy roadway and an area with loose dogs.

Villa was arrested and charged with endangering a child.

She appeared before San Benito Municipal Court Judge Alfredo Cordova where she was issued a $75,000 bond.