Woman battles cancer with no health insurance

It is an issue we hear about on a daily basis and continue to have discussions on what to do about our nation TMs healthcare?

The answer might seem simple to some but this issue is bigger and much more controversial than many realize.

While politicians struggle to find a solution, people like Marivel Solis struggle to pay their mounting medical bills.

Last year, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Since then her medical bills have hit more than $20,000.

"It has been real hard on me living this life I TMm living right now," said Marivel.

Marivel said she worked her entire life, but the jobs she worked for never offered insurance.

Now that she has cancer no insurance company will touch her because it is a pre-existing condition. Since being diagnosed, Marivel has been to five different hospitals and all tell her the same thing, they cannot help her because she cannot pay.

"I'm just tired of it, just really tired," said Marivel.

Marivel said she applied for social security twice but has been denied because they say she is not disabled by their standards.

That is not all, Melissa Vasquez, Marivel TMs sister, told Action 4 the last time they rushed Marivel to the hospital illegal immigrants injured while trying to cross the river allegedly received treatment before her sister"an American citizen.

"There was a lady that was dehydrated, she was not a US citizen, she was already in a room getting treatment, said Vasquez. While we were trying to get my sister the help she needs."

State Representative Ryan Guillen has been trying to assist Marivel in getting the help that she needs to survive this cancer.

He said she is a prime example of why Health Care Reform is needed and fast.

"We need to do something, said Representative Guillen. That's why we need some type of health care reform, where we can cover people who really need it like Marivel."

He also said Marivel, like so many others, fall into that category where they make too much money to qualify for assistance but too little to afford health insurance.

"These are situations that happen every day and across the country, said Guillen. Certainly across the Valley and we need to do something."

Marivel is not alone, she is just one of the millions of Americans fighting this same battle and hoping something is changed soon.