Woman blames DPS for death of family

Witnesses: DPS vehicle

Parents are holding their children close tonight in the neighborhoods near a fatal accident in the northern outskirts of Mission..

"He got cuts on his chin from the seatbelt in the car seat, thank God he was in a car seat."

Elizabeth Botello saw lights heading towards her faster than she could decide what to do with her vehicle standing in the way of a speeding truck.

"It flipped onto my windshield, and smashed the top of my car."

Her two young nephews miraculously escaped with just scratches, but what they and their aunt saw will haunt them for years to come.

"The bodies were everywhere, the kids hands were here and the mom was under the SUV."

Out of the bloodshed, a little boy emerged bloodied but not badly injured. He's the lone survivor of the family of 7 that were in the SUV driving through a green light at the intersection when the truck pursued by an unmarked DPS unit crossed their path.

"We are still in shock," said a neighbor of the Ortiz family.

Close friends of the family are consoling the older half brother of the children, Gustavo, who is the only other family member aside from the 3 year old twin who is hospitalized, living in the US. Gustavo wants his dad, step-mom and 4 young siblings to be buried in Mexico where there rest of their relatives live.

"They were great people. They sold fruit at the flea market and the dad did everything for his children," said the neighbor.

Elizabeth is one of 5 survivors who were in other vehicles at the intersection Monday and she is enraged at not just the 18 year old suspect that rammed into them, but the trooper that was chasing him.

"They need to think. It was a stolen truck! They (DPS) don't think about the people. There's their work, dead children."

Gustavo says he has not had access to his 3 year old half brother who received only scratches, but the entire family in Mexico is waiting to receive the bodies of their loved ones.

DPS has not released any details about the trooper involved in the chase.

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