Woman buying trailer faced gun threats from elderly woman

Brownsville woman, Alida Kay, said she respects and appreciates elderly people. However, she said she recently had a terrible experience with a 65-year-old woman she was doing business with.

Kay said the woman agreed to sell her a mobile home for $5,500 dollars. She took out two loans, with interest, and her year's worth savings to make the payments, in hopes of relocating the trailer to a property she purchased on another side of town.

But things took a turn for the worst during a recent visit. "We were talking and then she said, ~I TMm going to show you something, TM Kay said. She opened a wooden box and said, ~I don TMt let (anybody) take advantage of me and I know where to shoot you, right in the leg - I won TMt kill you. TM I just got scared and I backed off." Kay filed a police report and said now she just wants her money back. However, the gun-wielding grandma is not budging, refusing to turn over the mobile home or money she paid.

"She just told the police right off, ~I TMm not going to give the money back and she can take me to court and I TMm not selling (the trailer) after all, TM Kay said. Just like that because she says she's an elderly, the law is on her side and nothing is going to happen to her."

This ordeal not only set her back more than $4,000 but also forced her to shut down her business for about two weeks.

"I TMm two months behind on rent, I mean I have my bills too - I have the loans, Kay said. She's not giving me anything - people shouldn TMt get away with (this) and I don TMt want it to happen to more people."

Action 4 News visited the elderly woman TMs home for comment, but she was not home.

Brownsville police confirm the elderly woman filed a report against Kay for phone harassment.

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