Woman claims Brownsville business lost iPhone

Flor Estela Vasquez and her daughter-in-law Ann Tovar went to this cell phone shop in Brownsville after a friend recommended the business.

Tovar was looking to switch cell phone service providers from AT&T to T-Mobile, and was hoping Mobile Masters could get her iPhone unblocked in order to make the switch.

They told her they could do the job in a matter of days, however Vasquez said that isn TMt what happened.

"When I went back they told me they needed another week and it became the worst thing, Vasquez said. From then on, every time I went to the store they told me the owner was not there, they stopped answering my calls and started giving me the run around."

Vasquez said her daughter-in-law spent over $400 on the customized iPhone since it had a pink glass casing.

She said after weeks of waiting to get the phone back, the owner of the business told her the phone was lost.

"We think he may have sold it, I mean why would he have been giving us the run around for all this time? Vasquez said. You don TMt just lose an iPhone from an established phone business."

The owner apparently offered to replace the phone, but Vasquez claims it had a plastic cover and was made out of different parts from other phones. It also apparently had water damage and didn TMt work.

The manager at Mobile Masters refused to comment on camera but said it was all a misunderstanding.

He also claims Vasquez and Tovar were rude and hard to work with.

"We did not act out of order or rude, we acted like any person would if they had lost their phone, Vasquez said.

The owner of Mobile Masters did not call Action 4 News for comment on the issue before airtime.

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