Woman claims CPR certified officers could have saved her husband, police refute those claims

The last few months have not been easy for Norma Perez.

In October of 2012 she watched as the man she loved for more than 30 years passed away in her arms.

Raul Perez had a heart attack.

"Through CPR, if you are certified and are up to date, you get a 65% chance to live, Perez started. My husband didn't get that 65 percent chance to try and live--regardless if he would have made it or not. I feel that is completely wrong."

Perez said she did all she could.

She performed chest compressions on her husband for 15 minutes"until Palmhurst Police arrived.

"When they got there I'm still thinking that they know what they're doing, Perez said. I said I need help. I'm tired."

She claimed neither officer who showed up knew CPR and could not help her.

Raul died a short time later.

"Who's going to be held accountable for my husband's death? Perez asked. It shouldn't have happened."

Action 4 News took her concerns to Palmhurst Police.

Chief Michael Vela was out of town"but told Action 4 news that his officers did perform CPR on Raul.

He said that all of his officers are up on their training and do what they can to help those in need.

He said, We are public servants and it's our job to help those who need it. We're not going to just stand there and let someone die."

Vela added that he will conduct CPR training for his officers in the coming weeks.

On top of that"they are working to get AED TMs for at least two of the police units.