Woman claims cycle seller took her for a ride

A chase without any wheels, two wheels on a 2009 Suzuki 500 motorcycle which Sue-Allene Furtado said belongs to her.

The problem as of Monday, she didn't have it.

"I was kind of stupid to trust somebody full heartedly. He has the money the bike and I don't have anything," said Furtado.

The Harlingen woman said she signed a contract for the motorcycle, agreeing to pay over $3,200 to the owner, Raul Santana of Pharr.

Furtado claims he was playing hard to get.

"It took me forever to get in touch with him. It would take months at a time before he would actually respond to me," said Furtado.

The bike should have been in her driveway back in December and months later her helmet is still sitting around collecting dust.

We did some digging and found out there's a lien on the bike from GE Money Bank.

We had no problem getting a hold of Santana, who says he has nothing to hide, admitting the motorcycle won't start because its been sitting for six months.

"To replace the battery, that's fine I'll do it," said Santana.

As for the title Santana said he requested it from the bank and should have it within 2 weeks.

"She can take the bike. That's fine. Its hers."

Furtado's take on for sale by owner: "make sure you know what you're doing before you actually do it."

Months of wondering if she got ripped off should finally come to an end this week.

Furtado said if she doesn't receive the motorcycle in working condition, like it was when she agreed to buy it, she'll ask for her money back.