Woman claims Harlingen officer's gun used in beating

A Harlingen woman turned to Action 4 News after an alleged beating at the hands of a police officer's son who may have used his father's gun.

"They beat me with a gun and put the gun in my mouth and told me they wanted to kill me," Lechelle Rush told Action 4 News. Rush broke the silence to talk about an experience playing over and over in her head.

She claims it all took place near Fair Park in Harlingen last week.

"After the second blow to my head, I went unconscious," she said. "It happened at 10 o'clock in the morning and I didn't come to until 8 o'clock in the afternoon."

The people behind the beating were apparently friends of hers who blamed Lechelle for missing drugs and money.

Lechelle said she came close to losing her life at the hands of the children of a police officer.

She claims two of the people involved in the beating are the daughter and son of a Harlingen police officer.

Lechelle said that the gun they hit her with and then stuck in her mouth was their father's gun.

"Whenever he's gone away at work or something, he'll take it off and show it off to his friends and stuff like that and then used it against me that morning," she said.

Harlingen police would not confirm whether the gun used in the attack belonged to one of their officers, but told Action 4 News that the case has been handed over to the Texas Rangers for further investigation.

Lechelle fears her beating, which apparently resulted in broken bones and fractured ribs, will go unpunished.

"Because of who they are, and it's not right," she said. "I might not be rich and just because my dad's not a cop doesn't mean I'm not somebody. I almost died."