Woman claims police did not do their job, police disagree

"Tina" did not want to talk on camera but did show Action 4 News the black and blue bruises that cover her face and arms.

She claimed that her boyfriend, an admitted gang member and his sister, beat her up after they lured her to a party.

~Tina TM said she went to the Edcouch Police Department on Sunday"told them her story, let them take pictures, her statement, and told her they would arrest her boyfriend.

She said that never happened.

Action 4 News went to the police department and spoke with Chief Eloy Cardenas.

He said they did the report and follow up with it.

He said the victim TMs boyfriend is now in a jail cell"awaiting his arraignment.

He was arrested early Thursday morning.

"The suspects TM in this particular case have been in custody since early this morning, Chief Cardenas said. The warrants were out days after she reported the incident.

According to Cardenas, ~Tina TM reported the incident on Sunday and the warrant for the suspects TM arrest was issued on Tuesday.

He said the fact that they already have the suspect behind bars proves they were hard at work on the case.

"In a realistic world things don't happen overnight, Cardenas explained. To please anybody that want us to move at the snap of a finger"they're mistaken. We need to do our job and we need to do it thoroughly."

Cardenas said this is not the first time ~Tina TM has come forward claiming her boyfriend abused her"but he hopes that she does follow through with the charges this time"to stop the vicious cycle of abuse.