Woman claims she is on the verge of eviction for a phantom pet

Kelly's daughter hold the family pet

A Harlingen woman received an eviction notice only two months after she had been living in her apartment.

She claimed her dog is at the center of the issue.

She paid a $200 deposit for her 3-year-old Collie, but the landlord claims that is not the only dog living in her apartment, and although Kelly denies it, she is on the brink of getting kicked out for the phantom pet.

Kelly Huerta has had her pet Lily since she was just five weeks old.

She recently moved to Harlingen and leaving Lily behind was not an options.

Spring Creek Apartments on Morgan Boulevard was the right fit for Huerta and her two daughters since they allow pets under 30 pounds at the complex.

Despite having paid a $200 pet deposit, Huerta claims her landlord wants to kick her out for having a second dog, which she adamantly denies.

She called me up and sent me this nasty letter telling me that she TMs going to have animal control come out and remove this animal that does not exist, Huerta said.

Huerta claims Lily is the only animal that has been at her apartment.

The complex manager said she has witnessed the alleged second dog come out of Huerta TMs apartment.

Huerta said at the time moving out is not an option and she is looking to take legal action.

She said the eviction stems from her requesting repairs on her apartment.

We also spoke to Rivera who said she is willing to show us video, which shows this alleged second dog.

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