Woman claims witchcraft at Havana Cemetery near La Joya

A woman turned to Action 4 News after finding a shrine to the Santa Muerte and satanic paraphernalia at the Havana Cemetery just west of La Joya.

"We saw witchcraft objects, said ~Jane. TM We saw a jaw with candle wax, burned paper, and red chile peppers wrapped in plastic bags."

A pentagram, candles, a broken egg in a jar, and even a cow TMs tongue are all items placed throughout the cemetery.

~Jane TM said she even saw pictures with the words sickness, poverty, and death written on the back.

"These people don TMt know if something is really happening to them, said ~Jane. TM They don't know why and maybe they have questions. It could be one of their own family members doing it to them."

~Jane TM did not want to be identified, but said she considers what she saw evil.

But it is not just these claims of witchcraft Jane is concerned about.

She is also concerned over the lack of maintenance to the cemetery.

"At other cemeteries there is someone there keeping up with it at all times, said ~Jane. TM There's no lighting--no nothing. People can come in here and do what they want.

Action 4 News spoke to Hidalgo County Precinct 3 officials about the incident.

They told us that while the county has control over the cemetery and it is those who have loved ones buried there responsibility to keep it maintained.